oops - art instillation

The Clemenger Sydney reception area had a boring 3 storey wall next to the internal stairwell.
To make it more interesting we dropped objects from the stairs onto the floor below, photographed the result, and put the images on the wall at the height they were dropped from.
Andreas Smetana took the shots while i dropped the watermelons, birthday cakes and baked beans all in the name of art.
Watermelon - 10.6 metres
Watermelon - 4.4 metres
Watermelon - 2.3 metres
Beans - 10.6 metres
Beans - 6.8 metres
Beans - 4.4 metres
150 images in 30 seconds
visa commonwealth games
hahn premium light
visa - money you can't lose
full colour storyboard and animatic frames
sugar-free v
storyboards with one colour shading
animatic frames
mitsubishi sportback
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